Marta’s story: how I became a private tour guide

My name is Marta, and my story of love with Barcelona starts already in high  school, when my dear art teacher, Ms Larruy, awoke in me a passion for art, history and architecture.

That was back in the early 90’s. Fast forward to 1999, that year I got hired in the Sagrada Familia church (Gaudi’s masterpiece!) to give their VIP tours, as they needed someone that spoke many languages.

That’s how I was trained to give tours, and I soon discovered how much I loved it!
The next year, I passed the official exam to become a private tour guide in Barcelona and the region of Catalonia, and… the adventure had just began!

I was soon called from the concierges of the best hotels in town to show around my clients. Would you believe I didn’t know you could have a tour guide just for yourself? I had always pictured tour guides guiding large groups, but… being with small groups was way more fun!

So little by little, I specialized in private groups mostly American families or couples. Sometimes they came in a cruise and only had a few hours to see the highlights, some other times they were spending a few days in town and we were able to explore the city more in depth.

One summer, my good friend David Madison from California, whom I’d get to see every year at the same dance camp in Sweden, offered me to use his own server to host my website. But what website? I didn’t have any! But he insisted (thanks Dave!), and by the next summer I had already figured out how to create a website and he helped me uploading it to his server. I was starting my own online business, ForeverBarcelona.

Little by little, my website has been growing, I added more tours to my portfolio (not just city tours, but also food tours – yummy!, and day trips out of town), I started a weekly blog and newsletters, and I started using other great tour guides to show around my guests when I’m already booked.
All the guides that I invite to join my team have a similar style to mine they are knowledgeable but fun, flexible and passionate about Barcelona. And they all love sharing the city with our guests. I couldn’t be happier with them all!

In this blog I’ll be sharing with you my adventures touring around Barcelona and its surroundings.


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