The Dale loooooove chocolate. Doing a google search they found my website and my private chocolate tour and they went for it!

We met at their apartment in the city center, which was really close to one of my favorite chocolate stores. We spent some time looking at the different cacao percentages, countries of origins and flavors. It was fun! This is the shop where we sometimes organize chocolate tastings, and since they know me well, they always offer us some free samples when we visit!

Next we walked to the Old Town, where we stopped for hot chocolate and churros. They couldn’t imagine how thick Spanish hot chocolate was! I advised them to order the small cup – and I was right! They wouldn’t have been able to finish a regular one (sometimes I think that you need to be a local to really be able to eat the whole thing).

We walked around stopping at some more places selling chocolate-related items: chocolate truffles, chocolate turron, chocolate cookies… One of the most successful stops was of course the chocolate gelatto. There were many varieties, including chocolate-orange and chocolate-chili. Yum!

But I had reserved our top stop for the end: a store where they got the price to the best chocolate cake in the WORLD in 2005! That was such a treat!

Would you like to join me for one of my chocolate tours? Go here to check it out!