Some guide books and travel agents sell day trips to Costa Brava, but they are actually not taking you there! They most of the time take you to the Dali Museum of Figueres and then Girona. But you don’t get to see the see at all, and that’s actually what Costa Brava is: the Wild Coast – a rocky seaside area North of Barcelona.

So when the McCoy contacted me about Costa Brava, I first made sure I understood what they were their expectations, and then I suggested we did the town of Girona (because they wanted to do some historical sightseeing), and then head to Tossa de Mar for lunch. Tossa is one of my favorite villages in Costa Brava.

The driver and I met them at their apartment at 9AM as agreed, then we drove for an hour and a half to Girona. We had plenty of time to discuss the local history, culture and economy, and I spent most of the ride answering their questions and putting them in context.

It was sunny when we got to Girona. I told the driver we’d be back in a couple of hours, then we crossed the bridge over the Onyar river (taking first a picture of the colorful buildings of the riverside reflecting in the water) and started walking around the medieval alleys of the old town Girona.

We visited first the Arabic Baths (which are not really “Arabic”, but locals have called them like this for centuries…). It’s such a beautiful and silent place, and it takes just a few minutes to visit.

Then we strolled along the medieval city walls, before heading back down towards the Cathedral. When I told them about the 1000yo Tapestry of Creation, they immediately wanted to go in. It’s a gorgeous old pieces of woven fabric with mysterious decoration related to the Genesis. We also visited the cloister, watching out for capitals with intriguing carvings, and went inside the Cathedral and learnt about its construction and historical events.

When we were done visiting the Cathedral, we went down the 90 steps leading to it (I’d rather walk them down than up!), and crossed the Call – the medieval Jewish Section. I take often Jewish people on tours of Girona and then we visit the Museum of History of the Jews. But today it wasn’t the case: the McCoy preferred to stroll a bit longer around Girona, walking around its plazas, admiring its buildings and discovering its many legends.

When time arrived, I took them back to the car: the driver was promptly waiting for us.

The ride to Tossa de Mar takes around one hour, and it crosses the local countryside and some woods: we need to cross a range of hills to reach the water.

By the time we arrived, it was almost 2PM and we were hungry, so we took a table overlooking the beach and we had an amazing lunch. After that, we had some time to take pictures of the fortress that overlooks the Mediterranean from the top of a hill, and we walked a bit around the village.

It was such a lovely way to end a great day outside of Barcelona!

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