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Sondra and Allan are a lot into wines. They even organize a Wine Evening at their place once a month for their friends. That’s why when they travel they always try to include some wine-related activity to their sightseeing. So when they contacted me, I suggested them to visit the most well-known Catalan wine country, the Cava cradle.

They decided to take an 8 hour tour, as that would allow us to visit two cellars and stay in the wine country for lunch.

The driver and I picked them up at the hotel in the city center, and we drove south of Barcelona towards the Penedes. I had book first and organic winery located near Vilafranca del Penedès, the capital of the county. It was wonderful to be outside and walk amongst the vineyards, while the winery lady told us everything about  the differences between  organic winemaking and regular agriculture.

The day was nice,  and we took lots of pictures of the vine leaves that where starting to come out. If it had been the summer,  we would have seen the grapes already,  and in the fall it’s great to see them harvesting. In the winter the fine arts are quiet and gray, but they don’t lack of the romantic touch of the sleeping nature.

They showed us  their cellars  and explain how wine is made, and after that we were taken to their tasting room where we enjoyed amazing wines.

We would have stayed there for ever, but we had another winery to visit yet! So we headed back to the car and the driver took us this time to Sant Sadurni d’Anoia, the village where over 90% of all the cava of Spain is made. Here I had chosen a family-owned tradition cellar where they still degorge their sparkling one by hand. We were lucky that the guy that is in charge of doing that (who is mostly doing that only in autumn) was that the cellars that day and he gave is a little demonstration of his skills. It is impressive to see how they do that!

We visited  the underground  labyrinth of tunnels packed with racks of cava, and explains the difference between winemaking and cava producing. It is all about a 2nd fermentation!

And we of course had the chance to try a few delicious classes of cava, as well.

When the visit and the tasting was over,  we headed back to the car and the driver to go is to a small village surrounded by vineyards where we had lunch. We were probably the only non-locals there! We enjoyed a beautiful meal  trying local specialties and seasonal produce.

What a nice day it had been!

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