The Bell were only staying one full day in Barcelona after finishing the cruise,  but that wasn’t going to stop them from seeing as much is possible!

They have never been to Barcelona before, so of course they wanted to see the best sites. But some friends had told them about the impressive Montserrat Rocky mountain, and they really wanted to visit it as well.

Be contacted me to see what could be done, and I made sure to explain that it was going to be a long day, however it was feasible.


I organized everything so the driver and I could pick them up at the cruise pier with their luggage, and we were set and on our way to Montserrat! We arrived there around 10 AM and explored the area around the monastery. Since they like hikes, I suggested taking the funicular up to Sant Joan, then walk down enjoying the views. It takes about one hour, and it’s really pleasant to walk downhill.

Since the children choir is not sinking because they are on holidays during the summertime, that allowed us to spend more time  doing other things instead. We watch the video to show an visited the exhibit about the monastery  (Johan and Sally found that the part about the monks life was really interesting!), and spend some time at the giftshop and in the farmer’s market buying some handmade cheese.

Around 1 PM our driver  picks us up to take us back to Barcelona where we had a wonderful tapas meal (patatas bravas were a favorite!).

After lunch we headed to the Sagrada Familia church, where of course we skipped the lines. I told him everything about the symbology of the façades, and explained  how the project was started over 100 years ago and how Gaudi planned it using geometry and mathematics so the architect of the future could continue it after he would be gone. Fascinating.2014-01-17 10.53.52

We continued with a drive along the waterfront,, and then a short walk around the medieval alleys and plazas of the Gothic Quarter. We also stopped in the fancy Passeig de Gràcia Street, the Barcelona equivalent to  the Champs Elysées of Paris, to see the outside of Casa Batlló on Casa Milà (two more cool Gaudi buildings).

At the end of those 9 hours together, the driver and I drop off the Bell at their hotel with your luggage. it had been a long day, but well worth it. We have done so much together, but it felt like we had known each other for such a long time…

Would you like to enjoy such a complete and packed sightseeing day? In the foreverbarcelona site you’ll find all the information about it.