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Figueres is the last important town in Catalonia before reaching the French border. It’s know for being Salvador Dalí’s hometown, where he created his main museum.

This week I took the Gilbert there, because they really wanted to visit it. In order to make the best use of our time together, we decided to have a driver (taking the train is possible, but you are forced to stick to train schedules and more time is wasted).

We left Barcelona at 8AM and got there around 10AM. During the drive we had been discussing Dali’s life and I filled them in with little known stories about his youth and things he did once he became famous. So by the time we got to Figueres, they had a nice background about the artist and were ready to start seeing his art from a much richer perspective than they had done so far.

Entering the Dali Theater-Museum is an unforgettable experience: this great place that looks more like a fun-fair than a museum! Dalí himself designed it, and made of it what’s said to be the largest “surrealist work” in the world.

We enjoyed some of his masterpieces such as the famous Basket of Bread, but also other less famous yet outstanding paintings that reveal much about the artist’s psicology and broad interests (going from classical mithology to nuclear phisics, racism and slavery to cinema… We also discussed his top obsessions and how they are represented in his works (money, death and sex being some of the most obvious, but not the only ones). And of course, we got acquainted with Gala – Dali’s wife and muse, whose face repeats over and over in the museum.

Two hours at the museum fly really fast, and I assure you that your opinion on Dalí totally changes after this visit, as you discover the genius behind the fool!

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