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Tapas started as a bite to go with your drink, but they have evolved into a whole way of eating, a culture of food in itself. More than a type of food in special, it’s about finger food or small portions to share with your friends and family. Let’s experience it together!

Last night I took the Wilson and their friends on a superfun tapas tour. The goal was to show them how tapas are presented in different Spanish regions (Basque tapas, Galician tapas, Catalan tapas. . . ), and to experience different athmospheres (from shabby bars, to traditional taberns, to trendy design tapas venues). I selected for them a few bars, all different, and all the BEST!

Being two couples plus me, it was easy to sample many different specialties (meat & sausages, cheese & ham, fish and seafood, veggies and eggs. . . ) cooked in different ways (fried, steamed, grilled. . . ), as well as to drink local beers, wine, cider, sangria, cava…

I have lots of fun when my guests are adventurous eaters, because I love to see their expressions of surprise and delight when they try new things. But I’m also happy to show around people who might be more conservative or picky, because I know I’m the bridge between them and our local food, and with my help they are able to order plates that they are going to like but they probably wouldn’t have dared ordering if they were on their own.

We visited 5 different venues (some days we do more, some days we only do 4: it depends on the clients, in tapas tours it’s all about playing by ear and adapting to my clients appetite and likes!). And we tried 2-4 different tapas in each place. Tapas plates can be small as appetizers or big as a starter, so we usually ordered several in each place and shared.

By the end of the four hours we were all full!

So remember, if you book one of my evening tapas tours, come with an empty stomach!