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On the way to Tarragona, we can start to visit by stopping at the Roman Aqueduct of Les Ferreres and maybe at the Stone Quarry of the Mèdol to start getting introduced to the Roman past of our land.
Once in the city, more Roman ruins will be waiting for us, as well as an interesting Old Town with an impressive Cathedral and its medieval alleys.

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DISTANCE FROM BARCELONA: 45min drive. Possibility of taking the train
ACCESSIBILITY: Easy (some uphill and some steps that can be avoided if necessary).

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DID YOU KNOW… That the Roman Ruins of Tarragona have been declared Human Heritage by the UNESCO?


On the way back and depending on the time, we can also stop for a picture of the Tower of the Scipions and the Arch of Triomph, on request.


(6h DAYTRIPS: A great morning in Tarragona exploring its Old Town, then head back to Barcelona by lunchtime. (IVORY FEES).


– All day in Tarragona: As much time as you need to explore this city in depth and at your own pace. Enjoy a relaxing lunch by the sea, or in a restaurant in a restaurant inside the Roman vaults of the Circus.

Tarragona + lunch in Sitges. Explore the Roman Ruins of Tarragona, then head to Sitges for a relaxing lunch by the beach. Check out the whole itinerary here!

Tarragona + Penedès Wine Country – Basic visit of the Old Town of Tarragona, then drive to the Penedès wine country to visit one cellar and have lunch.