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Although Gaudí’s masterpieces and most of his minor works are located in the city of Barcelona, he also worked in other Catalan areas within the province of Barcelona. Let me take you on a daytrip to discover them!

Güell Colony. In the industrial colony founded by the Count Güell, Gaudí started building a church that was left unfinished but nowadays you can still visit its Crypt. Discover the secrets hidden in its symbolism and be admired by its innovative engineering solutions, as you learn about the daily live of industrial revolution workers.
DISTANCE FROM BARCELONA: 30min ride. Possibility of taking the train (halfday trips or fullday combined with Montserrat).
AVAILABILITY: Mon-Sat. On Sunday, the visit is only possible between masses. ACCESSIBILITY: Easy.

Mistery of Glory in Montserrat. A really young Gaudí participated in the construction of a Rosary Path designing one of the Misteries of Glory that connects the Monastery with the Holy Cave.
DISTANCE FROM BARCELONA: 45min to 1h drive. Possibility of taking the train (but only fullday trips – Montserrat alone or combined with the Güell Colony).
AVAILABILITY: Tour available Mon-Sun.
ACCESSIBILITY: It’s a 45min walk from the Monastery (one way), although part of it can be saved if we take the funicular. Steps are involved, and the way back is uphill.

– Artigas Gardens. Hidden at the foot of the Pyrenees are the Artigas gardens, designed by Gaudí along a mountain river, in a time when he was also working at the Park Güell. He adapted his architecture to the landscape to create an oasis of calm and nature. If you wish, after the visit we can continue to the Llobregat Water Falls, the place where one of the most relevant local rivers spring out of the mountain
DISTANCE FROM BARCELONA: 1h45min drive.Tour available Mon-Sun.
AVAILABILITY: July through September every day. October thourgh June weekends only.
ACCESSIBILITY: Easy, but involves some short flights of steps that occasionally are steep.