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Barcelona and Catalonia are not only famous for their top chefs, but also for their very creative cake and chocolate makers. Christian Escribà comes from a family of bakers and cake makers, and he’s taking their family business beyond anything you could have thought of. He really thinks outside of the box (that’s probably why he’s such a good friend of Ferran Adrià, for many years considered the best chef in the world!).

Tour Description: We’ll visit their main headquarters, there where his family started their business almost 100 years ago, and have breakfast there before being met by his personal assistant, who’ll lead us first through their kitchens seeing their staff at work and eventually getting a few more bites of their chocolates and cakes. After that, we’ll be taken upstairs to their showroom where we’ll be shown a few amazing videos on their latest creations: flying cakes, exploding cakes, giant cakes, wall cakes… even the Cake of the Future!

Christian is a busy gentleman and often is away travelling, but if he’s around we’ll probalby be honoured to meet him, as he’s very outgoing and loves meeting visitors.