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Barcelona was founded 2000 years ago by the Romans, who called it Barcino. Although it was still a small town, as the capital was Tarraco, many interesting remains have been found around the Old Town. Come with me on a trip back to the past!

In 4h we can cover:

    • Roman City Walls. Most of it can still be seen along the streets, or even inside shops and cafés.
    • Ruins of the Aqueduct. It used to bring fresh water to the city from the nearby hills.
    • Temple of Augustus. Four impressive columns remain of the Roman Temple that was located in the local Forum, at the heart of the city.
    • Domus and Silos. Found by chance in the basement of a public building. Only available Saturday and Sunday.
    • Roman Cemetery. Located alonside the road that departed Barcelona from the North. Optional entrance fee.
    • Museum of History of the City. After a walk around the Old Town, we will visit this museum which is the true star of our itinerary. We’ll see the place with the Romans dyed their clothes, a fish food factory, the remains of a basilica and its cemetery, as well as a winemaking facility. Entrance fees apply.

Transportation: 100% walking tour.

Tour is available Tue-Sun.

Extended tours: Possibility of extending the tour 1-2h to include the Museum of Archaeology in Montjuïc (taxi ride required).

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