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If you are already familiar with Gaudí’s masterpieces and you have become his most devoted fan, now you might be ready now to discover his unknown early works. We are talking about off-the-beaten-path projects that will give you a better understanding of his life, evolution and architecture filosofy.

Here are the sites you can choose from, to design your perfect tour:

– Casa Vicenç. His very first building, in the Gràcia neighbourhood. You can start seeing there his interest in nature. Outside only.

– Dragon Door of the Güell Real State. This magnificent wrought iron piece and the pavilions around it are a great summary of his Catalan pride as well as his interest in the classics. Outside only.

Small interventions in the Gardens of the Pedralbes Palace. A very young Gaudí created there a little fountain and a parabolic pergola.

Casa Calvet. His first appartment building before he did Casa Batlló and La Pedrera, might not look much like a Gaudí work from outside, but it’s got some interesting details that are worth seeing. Plus you might want to end the tour here to enjoy a fine Catalan lunch or dinner in the street-level restaurant where they still keep the furniture Gaudí designed for the family business of the Calvet. Outside only (unless you have restaurant reservations).

Small interventions in the Ciutadella Park. During the 1888 International Exhibition he helped designing the Cascade and the Pergola.

– Torre del Bellesguard. I only recomend trying to include this one if we have a driver, as it’s a private property and even if sometimes they have their garden gate open and welcome visitors, I cannot guarantee we’ll get access and we might only get to see a grasp of it (plus it’s hard to find taxis over there!). In any case, he also build a viaduct under the street with some columns similar to the ones you can see in Park Güell, and that can be easily visited.

Palau Güell. This wonderful mansion owned by the Count Güell is the last minor work before he entered his maturity period. Due to its delicate state of conservation, the capacity is restricted and therefore they don’t allow tourguides to skip lines. In order to include it in our itinerary, we will have to start our tour there and arrive early so we can be first in the line. Inside or outside. CLOSED ON MONDAY. INSIDE VISIT LASTS AROUND 1H.

Streetlamps in Plaça Reial. His only public project.


More about my Gaudí Tours in my blog.

Tour duration: Minimum 4h. Extra hours can be added depending on how much would you like to cover.

Transportation: Combination of walking + taxis/subway, or tour with a private driver (recomended).

Tour is available Mon-Sun. All buildings can be seen from outside, and only Palau Güell can be visited inside (entrance fees apply – closed on Monday).

DID YOU KNOW…  That Gaudí also worked outside of Barcelona?

Find this tour fees here for walking tours, and here for chauffeured tours.