I must admit it: I love fantasy stories, legends and tales. They bring stones into life and make me dream of the old times… Plus they are fun, and they transmit playfully the local culture and personality!

We are lucky our Old Town has plenty of corners and details that are so cool and entertaining. Stories about saints, stories about blood, funny stories… even fake legends!

I often introduce some of them in my average walking tour of the Old Town, but I love giving tours only focussed in this magical part of the Gothic Quarter!

Transportation: 100% walking tour.

Tour is available Mon-Sun. The best time for it is twilight, but it can also be done during daytime (and then we get to enter places that have other stories to tell!)

DID YOU KNOW…  A legend is a story that is based on real facts that at some point got mixed up with fantasy elements? It’s up to you to decide what part you want to believe!